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I am Lineful

Everyone leaves early to get to the airport. Why....?
Lineful was designed to notify airport wait times and
terminal maps for travelers to save time and fly smarter.

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Category : UX/UI Case Study

Journey Mapping

Analyzing behaviour & Expericnes

I created journey maps to get a whole view of users behaviors, their tasks and feelings with their experiences with the process from start to end.

Findings and Design Requirements

With the researched information and synthesis, I was able to summarize the learnings and discoveries with a problem that the team needed to solve for our potential users.

"Regardless of how often people travel, they do not want to pay extra for quick pre-checks but users want to know their estimated wait time for security check-ins and gate location." πŸ›«

Design Requirements to solve the problem statement

The solutions needs to :

1. Give input instantly with security wait times without any log in or register.
2. Provide gate location and specific direction of where that is using a map view of SFO.
3. Provide commute options so that users plan ahead and get to the airport in time.
4. Allow users to get notifications or text alerts when conditions change over time for their selected terminal.


With gathered research and design requirements, we began brainstorming about how we can approach potential solutions with design. ✍️ We came up with some diverse ideas during out ideation phase including using the existing estimated time data and pulling them into our services, exploring some of the real products that is out there to see how we can approach this with more usability. Our team decided to create a responsive website due to its convenience and versatility.


Design decisions

Based on the initial idea of information architecture, every designer on board started to go through some rough sketches on their own to test the general usability. Each person went out and user tested bunch of people with little or no help at all for them to successfully reach to a page where they can get waiting times, distance, commute options and gate location. From this step we were able to weed out confusing elements and decrease the amount of unnecessary informations.

After, we were able to gather some really good repetitive feedbacks from the users and as a team, we all organized our user testing feedbacks inside the

Revise and Polish

From the collected feedbacks that was gathered, we were able to retouch and weed out the unnecessary steps for the users convenience and improve the users experience. We each revisited our original designs to take out steps that wasn't necessary, focused on providing a much fluent user flow for everyone to easily approach and take advantage of this service. Since we focused on a website platform, I did mine on a mobile size for my revisions. With several rounds of user testings, I was able to polish and build a high fidelity prototypes for Lineful.

My detailed process of user testing images along with our learnings and findings live inside the full case study. Access them πŸ‘‰ here

Redesign - Mobile Ver

Mobile version improvements

With several revisions and critiques with our polished prototypes with our responsive mobile version, we focused on allowing users to access our data of wait times and information freely with out any log in or signups to successfully reach their questions instantly. Our huge jump was to make the signup process when users wanted to create a alert system to get continuous updates on the gate conditions. We made the important informations very bold and obvious so that people can easily get updated. The motivation of the visual design was to create a clean and easy to use look with bold buttons and nothing complicated for the users to understand.

What were the changes and improvements?

1. No signup or login to access for faster input and deliver information.
2. Provide bold and direct information so users would understand their estimated time.
3. Remove unnecessary steps for users to reach their goals.
4. Make the registration when users wish to get notifications with a specific terminal.

Major changes and improvements


With critiques and user testings, I was able to connect with users to find empathy and the real needs for travelers. Helping them access the information they need within minutes was a really important factor to consider. So, here are they major changes and the highlights for Lineful.

I am Lineful

Reflections and Limitations

This is the final prototype that was built in Invision. The goal for this project was to go through a detailed user interviews to see if these services will benefit many travelers to be alerted and aware of what to expect when and how to arrive at the airport in time. We learned and realized that many travelers do not know theses services exist, they usually go several hours early and realize that the airport is not busy at all with nothing to do for hours. Lineful was designed to prevent theses issues for users to save time and travel smarter with simple steps.

In terms of the project, it would of been also beneficial to user interview employees that work inside the airport to see if this would actually help decreasing the line when the airport gets busy since users will be aware that its busy and leave early from home. There are definitely improvements to make and understand both sides of the travelers and the airport security check employees. Overall, I learned a lot by working on this challenge with a client and brought in some great team work that worked well to make this project successful. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘