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//Boxwash Corp

Project Details

Focused on changing the whole user flow and design for Boxwash and Fuel. Gathering insights and feedbacks from the users and applying them to the new interface.

Boxwash Wash & Fuel

Category : UX/UI //Case Study

Face-lifting the whole UI of the application to provide a better and efficient user experience.

Kicking off the project with solid style frame and landing on a decision with color helped to move forward with the project. Next, using existing interfaces to change the whole UI designs and improving user experiences by adjusting and figuring out solutions to the problem and confusions was the key to this project.

Using effective and easy to understand user flow was the main solution that needed to be addressed. Designing screens that is easy to follow and completing order with smooth understanding.

  • Date : SEP.2018
  • Client : Boxwash Corp.
  • Programs : Sketch, Invision
  • Location : San Francisco

The Works

/ Process & User Flow

With all the factors and gathered complaints and confusions with an already existing application. Designers printed out prototypes and worked our way from register to completed order. During this process of each user flow, we found many misleading screens and unnecessary steps that the users would need to experience. Gathered feedbacks was all counted into considerations for improvements and we started to make revisions and changes before the first user testings.

First User Interview Feedbacks

"The button selections are misleading, I didn't notice right away that certain buttons can be selected."

"Information buttons are too small to see and all the font sizes along with the buttons are too small to click."

"Is there a selection to skip wash and then just do fuel? Or vice versa."

"Do people really want to make an appointment for carwash a few weeks later?"

"The windows that pop up and down are too distracting and I feel like I just want to close the app"

"To be honest, this app is not appealing at all"

Our Findings

The Touches

Boxwash Ondemand Carwash & Fuel