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//Boxwash Corp

Boxwash Wash & Fuel

  • Date : SEP.2018 - Released App Store on Dec 13
  • Client : Boxwash Corp.
  • Programs : Sketch, Invision, Trello, TestFlight
  • Location : San Francisco

Perfecting Wash and Fuel requests

Project Brief

Why do people drive and stay in line for their car wash and fuel? 🚗 🚓 🏎️ Boxcare is the most convenient and efficient premium car wash and mobile fueling company that allows users to request their car wash and fuel service anytime and anywhere inside the Bay Area.

I had an opportunity to work on a project for their request experiences with my friend Min. The first step we took was to become one of the users to test every aspect and observe the steps that I needed to take to reach my objective. From this step, we were able to find interactions and process of where users were most confused and to see where the most pains occurred throughout the objective. We also conducted user testings with anyone that owned a car + wash and fueling experiences to gather feedbacks.

Major Pain Points With Existing Application

One of the biggest pain points for many Boxcare users has been mainly existed from the request process. :

1. did not carry simplicity for users to follow their features to achieve an objective.
2. The product was not intuitive and there was many questions that arised during the first phase of user testings.
3. It required too many unnecessary steps to go through that made the request journey very slow and some users lost patience.

Meet The Customer and Potential Customer

2 Persona Studies

Meeting different people and interviewing current customers, I was able to create 2 personas that have used our services several times and one persona that did not have any experience. We mapped out their user journey with their thoughts, feelings and also recorded their behaviors during a user testings to see their actions and to capture parts where confusions were coming from.


Deep Dive into Pains

After we clarified with where our major pain points and confusions was occurring from, we printed out the whole current designs and attached them to the wall with post it notes including users feedbacks and major pain points to narrow down the design requirements for Boxcare.

With this working board, we were able to summarize the design requirements to solve the problem statement for our existing and future users.

Information Architecture

Design Requirements + Problem Solving

With a solid problem to solve. We designed our information architecture to see how we can decrease the amount of steps for users to easily make choices, catch where users tend to loose focus and to see where and what is preventing them from proceeding.

Design Requirements to solve the problem statement

The design solutions needs to :

Simplicity : Help and lead users seamlessly to request a car wash and fuel services. It should include additional informations with the different services and pricing if needed. Anyone should be able to reach their objectives without any questions.

Speed : Decrease the unnecessary steps with going back and fourth with selections that needed to be made during the request. This was one of our main issues because users wished to achieve their wash and fuel service quickly.

Aim for all ages : According to DATAUSA, the average car ownership in California is 2 cars per household. We as a designer should cover majority of use cases regardless of age and gender. Boxcare needs to be inclusive to a wide user audience.

Start Ideation

Rounds of Testings and Feedbacks

After a lot of rounds of feedbacks, we visited our working board to gather feedbacks and insights with our users. This helped us to view where exactly the confusions was coming from and how we can approach a better design to make improvements. I took the lead in polishing designs and working on the working board to gather feedbacks and to design think about how and what we can improve from this stage for a better interaction.

User Interview Feedbacks

"The type seems very small, the buttons need to be much easier to press."

"The 3 dots on the top is a bit confusing."

"The wash and fuel tap icons are not very clear and I missed the Fuel part."

"Can I press the gift icon to see where this is going?"

"What is the difference between theses two SUVs?"

"The mini, basic, full buttons are hard to access. "

Our Redesign

Main changes that happened :

1. Following the standard material design guidelines to create a grid layout for a better structure.
2. Bringing visual consistency throughout the application and repeated style of actions buttons for users to easily understand.
3. Enlarging the size of typography to bring hierarchy and a better delivery of information.

Main features to highlight

My Reflections

Boxwash Ondemand Carwash & Fuel