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Creative Team

Design Intern for 2018 Summer.
Currently Part time Designer at Atlassian.


The Creative Team

2018 Summer Design Intern & Currently a Motion Designer

I had a huge opportunity to work as a motion design intern for summer 2018 with Atlassian. During my summer, I spent time with the wonderful and respected Creative Team. I truly learned a lot with jumping into diverse projects and working within the cross-functional teams. My 3 months internship with the Creative team was really well worth spent and invested with how much I learned, experienced and got a feel for their rich culture. Most importantly, I fit right into the Creative Team. Without their full support and help, I can’t imagine how I would have survived that 3 months internship at Atlassian. I was truly blessed that I was given this great opportunity to be part of their team and still today, I have so much to learn and I’m really glad that I’m part of this amazing path with the team.

Product demo Confluence

  • Date : MAR.2019
  • Project : Product Demo
  • Skills : After Effects
  • Location : Atlassian

Confluence product key feature demo videos

I had a great opportunity to work on building animations for a new product feature demo for Confluence. With using story boards to showcase new product features that has been released with Confluence.

Showing the flow naturally and going through the key features for current and potential customer was the main goal for this project.

Vegas Summit 2019

  • Date : DEC.2018
  • Project : Vegas Summit Web Hero
  • Skills : After Effects
  • Location : Atlassian

Summit Web Hero Landing Page Animation

This was the most recent project that I worked on with the Events Team. I got a chance to work on the Summit Hero landing page animation by using design elements and shapes that the events team designed. Working with the movements and making the colors interact with each other naturally was key. I had many different explorations with different shapes and approached 3D layers within after effects. I was able to bring different explorations within the timeframe and worked our way as a team to push this project forward. Having to focus on the movements of shapes and introducing each layer differently was difficult. But we managed to weed out some design elements and ideas that were not cohesive and went with a more simplified, less complicated versions and refined until we were satisfied.

Overall, the project came to life and it was published on the web and mobile versions. It was super fun with exploring different shapes to motion to create a cohesive look and feel with the animation for Summit 2019 Las Vegas. Come check out the live website.

View Live Website

Animations for Jira Service Desk

  • Date : JAN.2019
  • Project : Jira Service Desk Animation / Product
  • Skills : After Effects
  • Location : Atlassian

Jira Service Desk Overview Video

This project was designed and animated to show a quick and short video that provides an overview of Jira Service Desk product features and benefits of Atlassian access. Many people have jumped into this project with copywriters, designers, PMs, Creative Directors and more to push this project forward. The project was fun with having to include some creative ideas with screen transitions, touching upon different animated details and most importantly, having to match animation with the voice over was a key objective with these two projects.

The challenge of this project was to show a comic style flow of different transitions to show product features and demos so that people can understand them easily within a couple of seconds. With having to play around with animations of speed, movements and details really helped a lot with making improvements with the video. I really thank Kimball - Senior Motion designer that helped me and supported me throughout this project.

Engineering Nights

  • Date : AUG.2018
  • Project : Welcome Animation / Event
  • Skills : After Effects
  • Location : Atlassian

Engineering Nights - Welcome Screen

I wished to create a subtle movement with constellations rotating in circles to highlight the event name during the animation. I did a lot of explorations with how stars would appear and how the constellations would be structured and vanish at some point. The video also needed to be constantly looping so that was another consideration that I needed to make during the process.

Jira OPS